Spotify Playlists:
Cyberpunk – Atmospheric:
Atmospheric tunes perfectly suited for those quiet moments. For Replicants and rainy days wondering through the city or taking the public transit and just zoning out staring through a window. Electronic melodic beats to give you rest for thoughts. Don’t let the Thought Police catch you in the act though.

Cyberpunk – Club Stompers | RioT!:
Hard beats to suit any seedy night club scene. Piss of neighbors or incite riots. Preferred list for Cybergoths, Rivetheads, Industrialists, Noise Heads etc. This will either force you to dance like your having a seizure or make your head explode like your the newsreader from Scanners.

Post Apocalypse – Road Rage:
Huge engines, oil, gasoline, cars, motors, bikes and assorted vehicles. Imagine the best car chase scenes from the Mad Max franchise. Or if you prefer go play some Road Rage, Burnout, Twisted Metal and assorted games. This will most likely NOT make you drive like Peewee Herman on his bike. Heavy guitar sirens blasting away fueling your inner rage beast to take on any task.

Post Apocalypse – Desolate Wastelands:
Classic tunes. If you have ever played Fallout 3 and listened to the radio you’ll know what the expect. Remember that trip you took in Red Dead Redemption going from the states to Mexico? Most likely you’ll be able to sing a long with these tunes. ( Or mumble at the very least ) Perfect for those desolate moments when your hiking through the wastelands.

Dystopian Worker / Dreamer:
This is the playlist you could play at work without getting into trouble. The most mainstream list here. It’ll increase your productivity tenth fold and you’ll feel happy after listening to it. Or you need to take more soma to enjoy it better and dream away and forget your problems.

Dystopian MillitanTDominatioN:
Marching war machines heading for world domination.

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